Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sun Bitten: Severe Sun Burn:: Day 1

My good buddy at work took off for a few days to go and climb mountains again in Colorado.  Before he left, he talked to me about some cool gear that he was about to purchase to ensure he didn't get frostbitten.  One of these items was a thermal mask he was going to pull over his head.  

So fast forward a little bit.  He comes back into the office and this is what we get.  A Freddie Krueger lite version of himself. Everyone that stopped by yelled some version of , "Whoa! dude, what happened to you?"  Well, he said that it was much warmer as they approached the summit of the mountain that he had expected and he decided to go without with headcovering he'd purchased.  However, the sun was nice and bright.  So it was still pretty cold up there, but he still got sunburned.  Worse case I've ever seen with my own eyes.  As you can see, there are all this big crackly chunks of skin just waiting to peel off.    Reminds me of that part in Austin Powers: Goldmember where Goldmember pulls this nasty chunk of skin off of his face and says, "That's a keeper!" as he placed the skin in a keep-safe receptacle for a nice snack at a later time. 

I decided to take a picture each day as his face healed.  Crazy Stuff Right?

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