Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kids at the Doctor's Office

Tess had a Dr's appointment, so I got off work to so I could hang out with the kids.  After about 20 minutes of sitting in the wait area, it was TIME TO GO.  The 2 year old can only sit still for about 10 minutes before it's On and Popping.  He's way to rambunctious to sit for long periods of time.  So, off to the hall we went.  Thankfully, right outside the office door is this long hall that seems to have quite a few vacant offices.  Boy, did these to run up and down that hall.  They sat in the hall, screamed at times in the hall.  Straight up, wore me out.

It's always funny how people walk by your kids and smile and say, "They're so precious!".  At this moment, I was thinking, "That's because they aren't yours!".  After the 2 year old, who didn't walk very well at the time, fell for the 10th time and climbed on every chair he could find, Tess FINALLY comes walking out of the office door, when he decided that he wanted to attempt to dart into an elevator that was going up instead of down.  I think he should have been born while we were still in our 20's.  God Bless people who have children closer to 40.  Especially boys and the occasional tomboy.

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Nicolle said...

Kevin and I both turn 40 this summer, and let me say, it ain't easy!

I used to dread taking Boyd with me to the doctor. I can say that at 5 years old, he will sit better, but he sure does have a sassy/stubborn mouth now. It's all a big circus, each age. :)