Monday, May 13, 2013


As you can tell, I didn't have anything else to blog about on this particular day other than the fact that I needed a haircut and I decided to start my mustache over.

See i have this nervous thing that i do where i curl the corners of my mustache.   As a result, I end up pulling a good chunk of my whiskers out which causes my mustache to be a bit thin in a couple of areas.  Well I got tired of it and decided to just start the whole thing over.  My wife is never happy when I do this.  She gives me a hard time and tells me that i look crazy.   Probably it's because I have so much space between my nose and my upper lip.

So, after taking about 40 or so images with my remote, I settled in on the best image that I took of myself.  Hey, when I don't have anyone else around to practice on, I just use myself.  It's hard because I can't, of course, see myself in the viewfinder.  Especially, when the intent if to make sure that I get sharp focus on my eyes.

Anyway, so feel free to tell me.  Do i look crazy to you?

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Nicolle said...

I think this is a great picture.

And, hi to Tess!!